Prayer of the Man


What a miserable man I am,

Whenever I learn, I am found a fool.

When ever I am righteous, I am found a liar.

When I am at peace, I am afraid.

I seek you my Lord Jesus Christ.

I look to your word and the things of you.

The closer I draw to you the more I find I am guilty.

The more I understand your righteousness, the more I lack.

You are perfect Jesus, a shewing a perfect love.

My love is as thorns and briars.

My love is as troubled waters.

Teach me to love thee true, in thee is my only hope of rest.

I wish to be perfect like thee,

but I find these things are too great for me

Whom am but dust and ash.

Clothe me in sackloth. Decrease me lord.

Lest I fall into the pit.

Lord of all I would do I can accomplish not a one

Lord I do not rightly choose what I would do.

Lord Jesus lead me, for without thee I will stray

Keep me in thy flock my shepard.

Guide me with your rightous hand.

Wound my pride with your rightous staff.

Wash away my iniquity, that my father remember it not

Without you I can accomplish nothing

Christ be merciful to me a sinner.

Lord Jesus carry me in your righteous arms.